Back to the Mac.

Posted by in Apple on October 20, 2010

Apple has just wrapped up the keynote for ‘Back to the Mac’, an event hosted by Steve Jobs and other senior Apple employees speaking about the future of Mac software and OS X.

Back to the Mac


First up iLife 11 which includes all the same apps from previous versions. However today only three applications seem to have major new features: iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band.


Interestingly the interface looked very similar to a full screen iPad application! Some massive UI improvements particularly in the creation of photo books, which features a carousel interface.

– New Full Screen Modes
– Facebook Enhancements
– Emailing Photos
– New Slideshows
– Big Leap in Books


The trailers feature is fantastic, the Apple employee put together a professional looking trailer, complete with music in a matter of minutes!

– New Audio Editing
– One Step Effects
– People Finder
– News/Sports Themes
– Movie Trailers

Garage Band 11

Probably the least radical of the 3 in terms of user interface, however some of the editing features have come a long way, such as being able to adjust the timing of individual tracks using Groove Matching.

– Flex Time
– Groove Matching
– More guitar amps & effects
– New piano & guitar lessons
– “How did I play?”

iLife11 is free with every new Mac and priced at £45

Facetime for Mac Desktop

Facetime MacAt last! FaceTime is now coming to the Mac in the form of a beta release today which will work with the new iPod Touch and iPhone4. A nice little feature is that even if the user turns their phone landscape or portrait the app on the Mac automatically changes the orientation.

Mac OS X 10.7 – Lion

The next “big cat” is the 8th release of Mac OS X. Jobs stated the emphasis was on bringing some of the features common in iOS devices like the iPhone “back to the mac” including:
– Multi-Touch gestures through the trackpad or magic mouse
– App Store (Mac App Store)
– App Home Screens
– Full Screen Apps
– Auto Save (Just like iPad apps)
– Apps resuming when launched

Mission Control was shown off as the new version of exposé and Launchpad as the new way to switch between apps.

One more thing…… New Mac Book Air

Not much of a revolution, more of an evolution although the biggest change on the Macbook Air is the lack of optical drive (CD/DVD) and hard drive (flash memory is now used instead).

– 2 Models – 13.3 and 11.6inch
– Core2 Duo Processor
– Nvidia GeForce 320m
– Full Size Keyboard
– Multi-Touch trackpad
– FaceTime Camera
Prices start at £999

Overall not too many surprises. The next Apple Keynote will more than likely take place in January and will probably be about the iPad and iOS