Is responsive web design the best approach for business ?

Posted by in Design, Discussion on December 20, 2011

Back in March I introduced the subject of responsive web design. It has certainly been the most discussed topic this year and has shaken the whole web design community. Many have been quick to adopt this new approach in their designs.

But does responsive design make sense for business?
The short answer is: it all depends on your audience, time and budget.

Long term vs. short term

If you are thinking long-term and building a site from the ground up then there is probably no better way currently to future proof your website and ensure it works on a variety of devices. However if you are looking for a quick fix to an existing design then you are probably best sticking with what you know and implementing responsive practices in the future.

Cheap solutions vs. the right solution

Many business’s are on a tight budget and require something just to tick the boxes. While spending less money now may seem like a safe approach, the financial costs in future for not having thought about a responsive solution can be high. In some cases a designer or developer may have to rethink your site from scratch anyway.

Know your audience

Using analytics to determine screen sizes and the devices being used to browse your website can provide insights into whether it is time to consider a responsive design. In particular if there is a wide range of results then the overall user experience and customer satisfaction would no doubt benefit from such a solution.

Conclusion: Is responsive design right for you?

From my perspective the positives certainly outweigh the negatives when looking at the overall user experience and creating an adaptable website which works no matter what device you use. Also if you are looking to future proof your website it is certainly a step in the right direction and may save potential future costs.

What are your thoughts on responsive design?

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