5 ways to get hired in the creative industry

Posted by in Advice, Design, Freelance, Inspiration, Process, Tips on February 3, 2015

For many designers & creative types breaking into the industry can be difficult. With more and more people starting a career as a creative it can be challenging to find that first stepping stone. Here are five tips to getting that important foot in the door:

1. Stand Out from the Crowd

Be different, be the rebel, be the black sheep. In order to make your mark in the creative world you need to act like you have something unique about you that others will recognise.

2. Networking

Going to events and creative conferences to talk to people is one of the most important parts of getting hired. It may sound very indirect compared to applying for roles but it can also help you make important connections on a more personal level.

3. Contacts

Continuing from the previous point, making contacts in the industry can lead to incredible opportunities which otherwise would be difficult to grasp. Ensuring you meet the right people to help you is essential.

4. Write about your subject

Writing about your creative expertise can set you apart when making your first step into the creative industry. It shows that you really care about what you do and you want to have a voice.

5. Side Projects & Passion

Having a side project can really show your passion for your subject. Whether it’s making patterns, icons or even reinventing your favourite super heroes. People need to see that it is more than just a job to you.

Do you have any other advice for breaking into the creative industry? Comment below and let me know.