2015: A Creative Year In Review

Posted by in Design, Discussion, Freelance, Phoenix Studios on December 31, 2015

What a crazy year it’s been. My first year of freelancing has been the most rewarding and challenging experience in my life. So to wrap up 2015 here is a quick summary of all the things that have been going on:

January 2015  – Avengestars Art Project

Back in January I launched my first popart project. The concept behind the project was simple: If your favourite comic book heroes formed a rock band in their down time.. what would they look like? I had great fun working on the designs and teasers which you can still check out here.


February – April 2015 – Jamie Oliver – Food Revolution Day

Back in February I was commissioned by the team at Jamie Oliver to design the Food Revolution Day campaign. Food Revolution Day is an annual event which aims to put practical food education on the school curriculum. You can check out the project in more detail here.

April – August 2015 – Registered Trademark

Between April and August I went through the process of trademarking my logo and learnt a lot from it. You can read my story here on how I fought the ‘law’ and won!

September 2015 – Rugby World Cup Illustrations

In September I could finally reveal that I had worked in conjunction with IMG / Rugby World Cup to create a series of illustrations for the Rugby World Cup. You can check out the project in more detail here.


November 2015 – Speaking at VCN Lapjam

In November I was given the opportunity to speak at VCN LapJam. It was great to chat to other creatives and showcase some of my recent work.

December 2015 – Music Genre Project

I’ve been using Instagram to showcase a new personal design project. The concept involves illustrating music genres using stylised typography. Check them out and feel free to follow me on Instagram


Coming Soon in 2016

I’ll be revealing a new personal illustration project which I’ve been working on and off during 2015, so stay tuned!