Adobe Generation Pro: Web Design – Speaking

Posted by in Advice, Design, Events, Phoenix Studios, Speaking on February 11, 2016

I was invited again by Edgegain and Adobe as a guest expert for their Web Design online course. It was great to talk to the class about my journey: transitioning from being a Web Designer to also creating Graphic Design, Branding and Illustration.

You can check out the video for the session here:

Here’s a quick summary of the points I covered:

1. Learn the rules then break them

With Web Design you need to learn the basics, but don’t be afraid to break the rules and be creative.

2. Success comes with being multi skilled

You need to be multi skilled to succeed. You need to be able to not only create layouts, but also understand how best to crop a photo, or how to make a set of icons.

3. Don’t just rely on apps that code for you

While you might be using an app like Muse to learn how to create a basic website, don’t be afraid to delve into HTML. It may seem a bit scary but it’s insanely valuable to learn the basics of coding.

4. Web Design is the frame, fill it with your content

The way I think about web design is that it’s the frame which houses the content. It’s important to get the structure and design of the website right, but it’s also vital that you make your own content because you never know where it may lead.

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