5 Creative Ways To Use Snapchat

Posted by in Design, Social Media on March 9, 2016

Every day there seems to be a new social network trying to be the king of the hill. One that gained my attention recently is Snapchat. It’s great for creatives who want to tell a story, and have fun in the process. So here are 5 creative ways you can use it:

1. Doodling over things

The most fun I’ve had so far is with the doodling tool, I like to doodle over signage or add commentary to the things around me.

2. Behind The Scenes

You can use it to create a behind the scenes look at the world around you and your creative process.

3. Geofilters

Geofilters add an overlay to your picture, you can even design your own, however Snapchat do charge to add it.

4. Fun with emojis

You can put emojis on just about anything and make them as big as you like!

5. Animated Snap Code

Once you’ve got the hang of the app create an animated snapcode. This is similar to a QR code and allows others to add you. It’s a great way of expressing your personality through a short stop motion animation. Mine is above.

If you haven’t tried Snapchat yet, there is no harm in trying it, and there’s lots of creative fun to be had!

Feel free to add me by snapping the code above.