Is responsive web design the best approach for business ?

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Back in March I introduced the subject of responsive web design. It has certainly been the most discussed topic this year and has shaken the whole web design community. Many have been quick to adopt this new approach in their designs. But does responsive design make sense for business? The short answer is: it all depends on your audience, time and budget.


Designer Dilemma #1 Do I need an iPad2?

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In this new series of articles we will be discussing the dilemma’s designers often face when creating designs or making new design related purchases. Today we’ll be discussing Apple’s iPad2.


Responsive Web Design: An introduction

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What is responsive web design? The term originated back in May last year on A List Apart as a way of describing a web design that automatically adjusts itself depending on a variety of factors such as screen resolution or the device used to view the site. Previously to accommodate these variables individual web pages would need be created. However now with a combination of different technologies such as Media Queries it is possible to serve up one web page which will alter itself and move design elements around depending…read more


Creativity vs. Usability – Fight!

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Creativity and usability are topics which are intertwined on the web and are discussed regularly. Both fields are equally important when building a successful product or website, however conflicts are likely to arise on a regular basis due to the opposing views and contrasting opinions in each of these areas of expertise.