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Ten Web Trends for 2012

Posted by in Design, Trends on December 19, 2011

1. Content first A subject which was discussed at various design conferences this year was that we need to start focusing on content rather than design elements. Ribbons and buttons are all very nice but at the end of the day content rules how we ultimately design a site and can make informed descisions about structure and layout.


20 Cool Environmental Websites

Posted by in Design, Inspiration, Web Design on November 16, 2010

Environmental protection is an issue raised frequently in modern society. In web design there is a tendancy for most people to assume that websites related to this subject are going to be boring and filled with pages of information. This stereotype can now be quickly dismissed however. Here are 20 environmental websites with both fantastic design and engaging content.


30 Fantastic Fashion Websites

Posted by in Design, Inspiration on October 22, 2010

On the catwalk fashion trends come and go. The same is true with fashion websites, which constantly change every season with brand new campaigns to keep things fresh. Working for a fashion retailer I’m often asked to find examples of cutting edge fashion sites for inspiration and reference. Here is a showcase of 30 of the best…