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Create a Tablet Icon in Photoshop

Posted by in Design, iPad, Tutorials on March 8, 2011

With 2011 being the year of the tablets or as Apple would like us to believe the year of the iPad2, which was announced last week, you may at some point need to include a tablet icon within your design. This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create an icon of a tablet device in for your designs quickly and easily.


Web Design Trends in 2011

Posted by in Design, Web Design on February 3, 2011

As we start another year the speculation on what the hottest trends in web design are going to be becomes the focus of the online design community. Here are the top 5 heavy hitters which are going to make a real impact. 1. Growth of animated sites using HTML5 and CSS3 Needless to say HTML5 and CSS3 will dominate the web in 2011 with designers using both technologies to create new user experiences previously only available when using Flash. Several sites started the new year in style striving to be…read more


Web Design for the iPad: Part 2

Posted by in Apple, Design, iPad, Tutorials on November 13, 2010

In the first part in this series of articles we talked about how the iPad has become a worldwide sensation in just a few months, bringing with it many new challenges for designers. In this part we’ll begin the process of designing the homepage of our iPad optimised website, using the website from the first part as our example and given that the holiday season is nearly upon us we’ll be creating a snowboard website.


Create amazing lighting effects

Posted by in Design, Tutorials on November 3, 2010

Many designers use lighting effects to create some stunning images used in their designs or artwork. While the effects may look extremely complex and difficult to achieve they can be created quite easily in Photoshop. This tutorial will show you how to create some fantastic lighting effects of your own.


Create a Twitter bird mascot

Posted by in Design, Tutorials on October 27, 2010

Twitter has become a bit of a phenomenon over the last year and as a result many blogs use an eye catching bird mascot to encourage users to follow them (even we have one!). Today i’m going to show you how to create your own in Photoshop. To complete this tutorial you will need to have a basic knowledge of Photoshop, specifically the pen tool, layer masks and layer styles. If not, don’t panic, there are loads of resources on the web showing you the basics. If you get stuck…read more