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Le Grove Launch

Posted by in Design, Projects, Web Design on February 2, 2012

On Tuesday we relaunched one of the most popular Arsenal football blogs. Le Grove is a blog where people can exchange views on issues without fear of being abused by other fans – it is extremely popular having recently reached the milestone of 1 million comments. Pete Wood from Le Grove approached us just before Christmas to design and develop a modern clean looking site which was robust enough to deal with many visitors using different devices and platforms. We therefore choose to create a responsive design which would provide…read more


Ten Web Trends for 2012

Posted by in Design, Trends on December 19, 2011

1. Content first A subject which was discussed at various design conferences this year was that we need to start focusing on content rather than design elements. Ribbons and buttons are all very nice but at the end of the day content rules how we ultimately design a site and can make informed descisions about structure and layout.


CSS3 – The Future of Web Design

Posted by in CSS3, Design, Web Design on April 25, 2011

CSS has been an integral part of the presentation and layout of websites for many years. Designers and developers use it to control how the page renders, and can even control how certain elements are positioned and styled in certain browsers. What is CSS3? CSS3 is an extension to CSS2.1 adding new specifications to the style sheet language. However rather than using 1 large spec sheet like CSS2 they have been divided into separate documents called modules.

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