The Looprevil Press is the official student newspaper for Liverpool Students’ Union, the union for students at Liverpool John Moores University. It is both a student society and a part of the union student media. The name, The Looprevil Press, is Liverpool spelt backwards and plays in with the tag line of “Bringing you the other side of Liverpool”. This was done in an attempt to reflect the duality of student life, to show that students can be both professional and a little eccentric of nature.

Phoenix Studios was responsible for the creation of branding, website design web development and printed materials.

Branding/Logo Design

The brand had to be quirky like the students it represented, yet still retain an air of professionalism. Liverpool is renowned for the Liver birds, and it was decided that the main element for the Looprevil Press branding should be birds which were mirrored to further enhance the idea of duality.

Web Design & Development

The website was created using a grid structure like most traditional newspapers, however the aim was not only to provide students with interesting articles, but also to inspire them with thoughtful and engaging design. The website uses a combination of bright colours, attractive typography and photography to create a visually rich environment for students to explore.

As there would potentially be many students editing the site, Joomla content management system was implemented to enable them to submit articles for editors to check and publish.     View the website >

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Print Design

With the initial success of the website, the student union decided that The Looprevil Press should go into print, with a full colour 20 paper tabloid newspaper, promotional flyers, banners and posters.

Phoenix Studios was tasked with creation of all the printed materials which needed to be ready for freshers week. It was also essential that the branding remain consistent with the website.

The style and quirkiness of the brand still needed to be felt in the printed materials and Phoenix Studios made this the primary objective, when thinking about the transition between the web and print.

View the pdf of the first issue >