20 Cool Environmental Websites

Environmental protection is an issue raised frequently in modern society. In web design there is a tendancy for most people to assume that websites related to this subject are going to be boring and filled with pages of information. This stereotype can now be quickly dismissed however. Here are 20 environmental websites with both fantastic design and engaging content.

1. GE: Smart Grid

Interactive site that shows you how to reduce your energy consumption.

2. National Grid Floe

Microsite for National Grid on the subject of our carbon footprint.

3. Waterlife

Story of the last great supply of fresh drinking water on earth.

4. Lose your Excuse

Micro site for US department of energy promoting the message of losing your excuse for wasting energy.

5. EcoDaZoo

Interact with the animals for tips on how to live in a more environmentally friendly way.

6. Track my T

Brings to life the complete journey of the production of a T-Shirt and its impact on the environment.

7. San Diego Zoo: Polar Bear Plunge

Help educate children and families on the challenges polar bears are facing due to the change in climate around the world.

8. PositivEnergy Program

The first ever energy compensated website helping the environment and Unicef’s program in Africa.

9. QuakeQuizSF

In the event of an earthquake what do you do? An interactive flash quiz on safety in case of an environmental disaster.

10. Blue Skies for our Children

Celebrates Honda’s past, present and future with regards to the environment. Told through the eyes of children.

11. Help your Habitat

Beautiful one page site which talks about the US Fish & Wildlife restoration project

12. Nissan: Journey to Zero

Learning to love the future of traveling with zero emissions.

13. Eco Ego

An educational game which demonstrates how various daily activities affect the environment.

14. Act on CO2 Calculator

Calculate your carbon footprint, find out how to reduce it and save money

15. 80 Acres

100% Carbon Neutral wines.

16. Earth Easy

Solutions for sustainable living

17. Eckoki

Eco-Lifestyle community website.

18. Climate Crisis

Modern clean website design focusing on the effect of climate change.

19. Society for Environmental Graphic Design

Global community for people who work at the intersection of communication design and the built environment.

20. Breathing Earth

CO2 emissions, birth rate & death rate simulation.

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