iOS 4.2 – iPad Design Changes

With the release of iOS 4.2 Apple has made some changes to the user interface design and how in particular the iPad functions. Here is a brief run down of some of the major changes.


As with the current version of iOS4 for iPhone the new task bar has come to the iPad which allows users to switch between apps. This has been placed at the bottom of the interface and is hidden by default. In terms of design it is similar in some ways to dashboard on the Mac.
The animation when transitioning between the apps is slightly different to the iPhone however due to more screen real-estate.

iPod Controls and Rotation Lock

These have now been placed in the task bar and allow the user to control the iPod functionality without going into the app. Simply bring up the task bar and swipe right.
The Rotation Lock has also been placed in the task bar also next to the iPod controls. More controversially the current hardware button for rotation lock is now a mute button!


Finally we can now organise our apps just like on the iPhone. When clicking a folder the user interface expands to reveal the apps contained within it very elegantly. Up to 20 apps can be stored in each folder.

Air Print

This new feature allows you to print to a wireless printer from apps such as Pages. However at the moment only certain HP printers are supported. The possibility of printing to shared printers on network is unfortunately not possible currently. However Apple may be potentially looking into it.

Air Play

Allows a user to stream media to and from iOS devices such as an iPad. Currently only iOS devices appear to be supported so for example you cannot stream from your Mac to an iPad or vice versa.

What do you think of the new release, has it improved your iPad experience?