Apple iPad2 Event Announced. Rumour roundup

After months of debate Apple finally announced they will be holding a
media event on March 2nd (Wednesday next week) which will no doubt
reveal the new iPad. Speculation as to what the new features of the device will be have been discussed at length over the last few months.

Here is a round up of the rumours so far and how they may potentially
affect your apps and designs:

1. Retina Display

It has been widely anticipated that Apple will be introducing a retina display into the new iPad, however a lot of blogs have suggested it may not be a true retina display just slightly higher resolution than the current model.
This will mean that all apps and iPad optimised websites will need to have their graphics scaled up accordingly to take full advantage of the new display.

2. FaceTime enabled Front Facing Camera

With the introduction of FaceTime on the iPhone 4 last year and also the Mac, Apple will more than likely include one in the latest rendition of the iPad.
This could potentially mean that developers will be able to use the camera in apps to video chat and on the web for Augmented Reality experiences.

3. Multiple form factors

Rumours surfaced recently that Apple may be introducing a smaller version of the iPad which could be as small as 7 inches. However Steve Jobs himself stated that Apple weren’t going to be pursuing this route even though competitors were producing smaller devices. If the rumour is true then this would again affect the designs of apps and iPad optimised sites.

4. Dual core CPU

The new processor within the latest iPad could potentially be as powerful as a small laptop, this would allow developers and web designers to create even richer experiences for users and quicker multi tasking.

5. Will Apple release iPad 3 this year?

This rumour has only been mentioned recently but Apple may plan to release the third version of the iPad as soon as September in time for the holiday season. Although it seems unlikely given the logistics of manufacturing.
So which of these rumours will come true and which are merely ‘Apple’ pie in the sky? All will be revealed Wednesday next week!