Creating a 3D photo wall in Photoshop

Sometimes when creating a design with a lot of photos the result can be a bit monotonous and dull. There are a few solutions around this and today’s tutorial will explain one in particular known as ‘the album wall’ or ‘photo wall’.

For the purpose of the tutorial we will be using album covers but you can use photos, designs or anything visual really.
Might I add that the use of the album covers is solely for demonstration purposes and is not meant to infringe on copyright.


Firstly grab 15 of your favourite album covers from Google images (I recommend 15 images minimum but you could have more)
Make sure they are reasonably high resolution by clicking ‘large’ in the image size section


Create a new document 5000×5000 pixels, colour the background layer black.
Open one of your album covers in Photoshop and drag and drop it into the document.
Create a new selection 375×375, then click the add layer mask button on the layers palette.


Unlink the layer and layer mask then resize the cover being careful not to go outside the edges of the layer mask.

Repeat these steps for the other covers and put them all next to each other. You should have something that looks like this:


Duplicate all 15 covers, and place them above the others to make 6 rows.


Duplicate all the covers and move them to the right side. You should now have something that looks like this:


Select all the covers, right click in the layers palette and choose merge layers.


Duplicate the covers one final time and move the duplicated layer above. You should now have a grid of 10×10 images.


Go to edit -> free transform and rotate the layer -30 degrees , press enter

Now choose edit -> transform -> perspective
I would recommend zooming out and then playing with handles (I used 500% width and H -61 degrees)


Now that we’ve created our album wall you can add a title if you like, i’ve used Amputa Bangiz which you can download here
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial if you have any questions let me know.