iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 announced

Today at the Yerba Buena Center journalists gathered awaiting some big announcements from Apple. Many wondered who would take to the stage given Steve Jobs recent medical leave of absence.

To the surprise of everyone, who takes to the stage first? None other than Steve Jobs himself!
He launches straight into the main event after a few updates about iBooks and iPad apps numbering 65,000 in the app store.

iPad2 is announced

Comes in 2 colours: black and white and 16GB, 32GB, 64GB versions. Wifi and Wifi+3G

Facetime Camera and HD Video camera

The integration of a facetime camera was already pretty much a certainty however the HD video camera came as a small surprise.

New Case Cover

One of the biggest eye openers was the integration of magnets within the body of the new iPad for the purpose of locking the new magnetised case cover. The mechanism is quite ingenious. The best demonstration of how it works is on the Apple site.

iOS 4.3

The new version of iOS boasted some welcome new additions including the option to use the mute button on the iPad as a orientation lock. This is a feature which had previously been taken away by the last software update much to the outcry of many. Now fortunately it’s back!


This app which has previously featured on Mac OS X has now made it’s way to the iPad. What is interesting is that the effects can be manipulated by touching the screen in realtime.

iMovie for iPad2

Turn your HD video clips into a professional looking movie with a radically redesigned Mac app for the iPad. However only this app won’t work on the first generation iPad.

Garage Band for iPad

The other Mac iLife app comes to the iPad allowing you to create and mix tracks on the fly. You can even plug your own guitar in (an adaptor is required however).
So based on our previous article regarding the various rumours surrounding the event, who are the winners and losers.


Dual Core CPU


No retina display
No Multiple Form Factors
No iPad3 for a while yet probably
No ‘one more thing’ at the event

Wildcards (things we weren’t expecting which were nice surprises)

Steve Jobs!
iOS 4.3
Photobooth for iPad
iMovie for iPad
Garage Band for iPad
Magnetised case covers
Quick release date (March 11th in the US and 25th in other countries)
Looking forward to trying one out soon, what did you think or the announcement?