Freebie Friday #1 – Vector Roses

Today we’re launching a new series of articles. We’re calling them ‘Freebie Friday’. We’ll be giving away design freebies on certain Friday’s for use in your designs, blogs etc. Absolutely free!

‘Hold on. What do you guys want in exchange?’

Not a lot really, any of the following would really put a smile on our faces for our hard work and generosity though:
1. Follow us on twitter if you haven’t already
2. Retweet our blog posts if you have a spare minute
3. Tell all your friends about us. Share our freebies with them even, we don’t mind
4. Share the love – show us how you used our freebies in your designs
Without further a do here is today’s freebie. Some lovely rose vector icons created in illustrator.

Make sure you check back often for more great freebies, enjoy! 🙂