Designer Dilemma #1 Do I need an iPad2?

In this new series of articles we will be discussing the dilemma’s designers often face when creating designs or making new design related purchases. Today we’ll be discussing Apple’s iPad2.

A little over 8 months ago I bought an Apple iPad, I thought it may help and improve upon some of the day to day tasks I do and potentially present a new medium to design for.
Now a week after the iPad2 announcement, my initial ‘Got to have new Apple product’ moment has passed and I’ve had enough time to reflect upon my situation.

Benefits over current iPad. What’s in it for me?

Facetime for Video Conferencing

With the addition of Facetime I can potentially video conference with clients and family while I’m away, I can already do this on my iPhone but the larger screen size will definitely make it feel more personal.

Display Mirroring for presentations

Why this wasn’t in the original iPad I still don’t know, perhaps the graphics capabilities just weren’t enough. Needless to say this will prove essential when presenting to clients on a screen, especially when demoing an app.

iMovie for video editing on the go

Being able to take video footage and edit it on the fly without the need for a laptop seems like an awesome feature.

Thinner, Lighter, Faster

The tag line Apple are using on their new product is certainly tantalising, but these benefits won’t directly affect my work.

Testing, testing

When testing apps it will be beneficial to test on the latest Apple device. More power will allow us to benchmark more intensive apps and make use of the new in-built camera.

Drawbacks of iPad2. Why bother getting another?

No retina display

The screen is the same so is it really worth the money? This isn’t a massive deal breaker but it would have been a nice addition.

No extra storage

The highest model is still 64GB which is what I have currently.

Decision time

After thinking it over for a week I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t justify the expense currently. However with it being a special birthday this year and a special number, my family may decide to give it as a gift. Here’s hoping!
What do you think about the iPad2 ?