20 Awesome Cartoon Themed Web Designs

Using illustrations and cartoons is becoming common in web design. It’s a great way to make your website stand out from the crowd. Here are 20 of the best websites using cartoons and illustrations:

1. Inservio

2. Inspiredology

3. Goin Nutty

4. Octonauts

5. Stoneskipper

6. Mailchimp

7. Fully Illustrated

8. Webbli World

9. Moshi Monsters

10. Francie Pants

11. Silverback

12. Scarygirl

13. The Great Bearded Reef

14. Haafe and Haph

15. I-Avion

16. Stoodeo

17. Eanka

18. Pralinenschachtel

19. Hippo App

20. Meomi


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3 thoughts on “20 Awesome Cartoon Themed Web Designs”

  1. Octonauts is my favourite, most beautiful web design, awesome graphics and finest work

  2. MailChimp is my favourite. I also like the Linkredible mascot but I don’t see it listed here. Maybe you want to add it to your list?

    1. Yeah mailchimp is awesome, it’s my favourite too.
      Good shout on Linkredible never seen that site before! Cool mascot

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