20 Creatively Inspiring Sights in London

So it’s been a whole 5 months since I blogged, something I feel really bad about but I’ve had a good reason. In July I moved to London as I have a new job as a senior designer at an agency near Covent Garden. This was a huge move for me professionally and personally and I’ve been taking time to find my feet.
So in the last couple of months I have been exploring my new surroundings and taking lots of photos of anything remotely creative. As there is so much creative inspiration in this city it’s difficult to resist. This little collection I’ve accumulated had an ulterior motive however and that was to get me back into blogging.
So without further ado here are 20 creatively inspiring sights in London:

1. Diesel Further Reductions – Sale Display

2. Royal Opera House – Alternative Ballet Poster

3. Boutique Ice Cream Branding

4. B.HIVE Logo

5. Saleri Restaurant Ribbon Logo

6. Belgo Restaurant Metal Type

7. The Teahouse – ‘Grid’ Window

8. China Town – Photo Collage

9. Kitchen Italia Neon Signs

10. Periodic Table of M&Ms – M&M World

11. London Tea tray

12. Museum of Broken Relationships

13. Kidrobot Shop Window

14. Smoothie Sign

15. Life size Lego Ninjago

16. Everything But The Dress Shop Window

17. Giant Books & iPad – Apple Regent St.

18. Molton Brown – Pick Pack Go

19. Verve Bar Liquid Signage

20. London Westminster Skyline