The Truth is in the iCloud

Cloud computing is not a new concept and has already been around for several years, made popular by services such as Dropbox and Sugar Sync. However these services still miss a trick in terms of their seamless integration with our hectic daily lives and the devices we use.

Imagine the scenario:

You’re a freelancer on your way to meet a client but for whatever reason you left the presentation you were going to give on a train, taxi etc. you’re stuck, what do you do?
Most would rely on a service such as dropbox where all their files are backed up, but you forgot to backup the file, so what now?

This is where iCloud the service launched by Apple last week is going to save designers and businesses in general a lot of hassle. Not only is the service seamlessly integrated with your Mac, iPhone and iPad but it’s free as well.

iCloud Support

At this moment in time there aren’t many apps which support iCloud as it has just been launched but over the next few months we can expect many will be updated. Here are a couple of major ones:

iWork – Pages, Keynote and Numbers

Save all your documents such as invoices, presentations etc on iCloud and never have to worry about forgetting them again.

Unfortunately at this moment in time iWork on the Mac does not automaticly sync with iCloud. Documents need to be downloaded manually from and then once you save the file you drag it over the browser window to replace it. However a future software update will no doubt add this functionality directly to the app.

2do Task Manager

The fantastic task manager app 2do now has iCloud support built in so you can sync between devices without the need for third party services such as toodledo.


Enables you to save PDFs, html websites, video and audio. Goodreader was recently updated this week to include iCloud support. However it appears the iPhone version is still awaiting an update.

Sketchbook Pro

Being able to create artwork on an iPad, upload it to the cloud and edit it later on a desktop would make life easier for many artists. Sketchbook Pro on iPad now gives artists the option to upload artwork straight to iCloud rather than storing it on your iPad. Hopefully Autodesk will add future support for their desktop app.

The Future

Although iCloud currently has a few minor issues, mainly with desktop integration, the future possibilities for designers and developers are extremely exciting. Imagine having your designs, mockups, and code automatically backed up on iCloud accessible from anywhere with a wifi connection on any of your devices. No more need to take an external hard drive or a USB key it’s already in the cloud for you to use whenever and wherever you are.
Hopefully developers will make full use of iCloud in all the amazing productivity and creative apps already on the app store such as Moodboard, and iMockups.