20 Amazing HTML5 Websites

One of the major trends in web design this year has been the use of HTML5 to create innovative interactive experiences without the use of Flash. Here are 20 of the best HTML5 sites from 2011:

1. Ultranoir

2. Citroen DS5

3. The Expressive Web

4. SF Dok – 360° Langstrasse Zürich

5. Sony Tablet S

6. Moods of Norway

7. Bjork

8. Bounty Bev

9. Visions of Beauties

10. The Göteborg Opera

11. Why interactive Showreel

12. Smokey Bones

13. Digital Hands

14. Portrait Bell

15. Html5 Readiness

16. Bullitt Agency

17. Discovery Zone

18. Nike Better World

19. Design made in Germany

20. New Zealand International Arts Festival

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  1. I think this was really an interesting article. The approaching HTML5 update promises to bring the “web” experience to a whole new level, allowing the browser to do more from both a visual and data perspective. Thanks for sharing it.

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