10 Design Trends in 2015

Now that 2015 has officially kicked off, here are 10 design trends which will make an impact this year.

Now that 2015 has officially kicked off, here are 10 design trends which will make an impact this year.

1. Material Design Language

Google released their material design standards last year which offer a fresh insight on ‘flat’ design. This provides a richer approach to digital design, and will set the trend for how companies think about their own standards.

2. Story Telling

Using immersive design experiences to tell a story is nothing new, but eliciting an emotional response from users will be a key trend this year.

3. Micro Interactions

Sometimes it’s the small details that count. Whether it’s a wiggling icon or an image that fades in, these subtle touches help to draw the user’s eye and make the design memorable.

4. Space Inspired Design

With major sci-fi movies such as The Avengers: Age of Ultron being released this year, space based art & design is set to grow.

5. Responsive Typography

Being aware of how text responds to screen size will become more of a priority as responsive typography is used  throughout the web.

6. Digital influencing Print

Digital has progressed rapidly over the years in terms of design trends, and this have a direct influence on print.

7. SVG & Vector Images

Vectors will start to be used more online due to the pixel density of screens increasing.

8. Generative Design

This year generative design is set to take off in a big way. Design which is generated by code is seen by some as liberating as it allows for more freedom of expression.

9. Retro Future

Retro art and design has been popular over the years and the trend is set to continue, with influences from the 60s and 80s still dominating.

10. Hand Drawn Illustration

While some smaller drawings and illustrations have made their way into designs, expect more elaborate pieces being shown both in print and digital.
Do you know any other upcoming design trends in 2015? Comment below and let me know.