6 Design Trends in 2016

With 2015 finally wrapped up and 2016 upon us here are 6 design trends which will make an impact this year.

With 2015 finally wrapped up and 2016 upon us here are 6 design trends which will make an impact this year.

1. Vibrant Colours

Over the last few years pastel colours have been used frequently as a more ‘sophisticated’ choice for design. This year big bright vibrant colours will make a come back with a vengeance!

2. Bespoke Illustration

Hand drawn and custom illustration will be used more on the web and in print design. Hand crafted elements will increase weight to minimalistic designs.

3. Material & Flat Design

Flat design will continue to be an ongoing trend for the web. It will however evolve with greater use of animation.

4. Texture

To make flat designs more interesting, textures will be used to add extra detail.

5. Subtle Effects in Logos


Logos usually consist of just one colour. However with the rise in tech startups who are ‘web first’, more subtle effects and gradients will be applied to logos.

6. Typo Graphics

A new trend highlighted here by Rafa Goicoechea shows type being used in a more graphic way.

Do you know any other upcoming design trends in 2016? Comment below.